Cameron Type Big John Choke Bean

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Cameron Type Big John Choke Beans

Why settle for overpriced Cameron parts when you can get the same quality and performance from Heshka Oil? You can find Cameron Type Big John choke beans that are just as durable and reliable at a much lower price. We also give you the convenience of online ordering paired with personal assistance.

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Cameron Type Big John Choke Bean Product Information

The Cameron Type Big John choke beans for sale at are completely interchangeable with name brand alternatives and offer the same reliability. 


Our choke beans are made with 410 Stainless Steel or 17-4 PH Stainless Steel and fully lined with tungsten carbide to extend life and withstand high pressures.


Adjusts the flow rate in positive choke valves.


Call for available sizes or to order a custom-sized choke bean.

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Operation costs may be getting higher, but Heshka Oil offers customers the ability to spend less on replacement parts and valves. We’re a trusted source for Cameron compatible equipment that meets the same industry standards. There are hundreds of parts available, and because we’re also the manufacturer, our team can produce custom parts upon request.

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If reliability is a top priority, we’re an ideal parts supplier. Heshka Oil has earned ISO 9001:2015 certification by implementing a quality control process that meets international standards. Our quality control system ensures consistent performance and improves customer satisfaction. 

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