All About Heshka Oil's Durable Retainer Plates for FLS Manual Gate Valves


Find out how our retainer plates for FLS manual gate valves provide superior performance and safety.

The Heshka Oil team understands how critical gate valves are in the oil and gas industry. Gate valves are responsible for restricting fluid flow through pipes and production equipment, which means they make sure your operation remains operable and profitable.

You can count on Heshka Oil to provide everything you need to keep things flowing. Our high-quality retainer plates for FLS manual gate valves are built to hold up at any oil field or production site.

Superior Retainer Plate Construction

This type of retainer plate is designed to provide an exact fit with FLS manual gate valves. Precise fit is needed to ensure valve performance is fully optimized. At Heshka Oil we only use the highest strength materials to construct FLS manual gate valve retainer plates. Materials that are commonly used include carbon steel, stainless steel, and nickel alloy. All of these materials can perform in the harshest of operating conditions and are resistant to wear and corrosion.

Precision-Engineered Retainer Plates

Retainer plates from Heshka Oil are precision-engineered to reliably fit your FLS manual gate valves so that all industry standards are met or exceeded. The secure fit assists with the gate valve gate and seat installation.

Retainer Plates for FLS Manual Gate Valves That Come With the Heshka Oil Advantage

There are several advantages to using Heshka Oil retainer plates for FLS manual gate valves.

Improved Safety

The design of our retainer plates minimizes the risk of improper installation for another layer of protection during production.

Enhanced Valve Performance

A perfect fit means optimal performance that allows fluids to flow through the valve more efficiently.

Less Downtime

Because our retainer plates help prevent premature wear within gate valves, they can help you reduce the need for repairs and expensive downtime.

Top-Quality Parts and Customer Service

Our business is supporting your business. We’re here to help ensure your operation remains productive and safe by providing top-quality oil and gas parts paired with best-in-class customer service. We’re here to help you solve problems out in the field quickly so that everything stays on track to hit your production goals.

Visit to order retainer plates online or contact us directly at 936-760-3453 to speak with a knowledgeable representative. We can answer questions about FLS manual gate valve parts, provide equipment suggestions and design custom parts for your unique specifications.

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Posted On:

23rd Mar 2023