All About TC1A-EN Tubing Hangers


Discover what TC1A-EN tubing hangers do and why they are so important for well operation.

Tubing hangers are an essential component in the completion of oil and gas production wells. The tubing hanger is attached to the tubing head and suspends the production tubing. A TC1A-EN tubing hanger has an extended neck that extends above the tubing head. It also has a body seal that contains well pressure to the tubing bore and S seals which seal in the tubing head adapter. Hydraulic control line ports and connections can be added to this type of tubing hanger.

TC1A-EN tubing hangers are currently in stock at Heshka Oil. But before you order one, keep reading to find out more about how tubing hangers function and the available options.

TC1A-EN Tubing Hanger Construction and Applications

Heshka Oil offers TC1A-EN tubing hangers with type H BPV thread preparation internally. This allows for a Type H back pressure valve or two-way check valve to be installed in the hanger and provides the ability to perform maintenance to the Christmas tree or change it out completely.

TC1A-EN tubing hangers can be constructed with stainless steel, alloy or Inconel. The seals within tubing hangers are usually made of 80-90 durometer HNBR, Aflas or Viton.

TC1A-EN Tubing Hanger Sizes and Pressures

Tubing hangers are available in a wide range of configurations depending on the customer's use and needs. Heshka Oil most commonly carries two tubing hanger sizes. There are TC1A-EN tubing hangers with 2” and 2-½” type H BPV threading preparation with 2-3/8” and 2-7/8” EUE threaded upper hanger connections. The hanger size for both is 7-1/16” with pressure ratings of 10,000-15,000 PSI.

Though these are our standard configurations, Heshka Oil can provide you with a tubing hanger that’s made for your specific needs.

Ordering TC1A-EN Hangers for Quick Delivery

Heshka Oil has TC1A-EN tubing hangers in stock and ready to ship. You can place an order online in minutes, and we’ll get your tubing hanger shipped out from the closest warehouse location for the quickest delivery possible.

Need a TC1A-EN tubing hanger in a different material, size or working pressure? Do you need special threading for your tubing hanger? Getting custom parts is easy with Heshka Oil. We have the machining capability to construct custom TC1A-EN tubing hangers to your exact specifications.

Call one of our experienced sales reps at 936-760-3453 for assistance ordering custom parts, or purchase standard tubing hangers directly through our new online store at

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Posted On:

7th May 2022