TC-1A-EN Extended Neck Tubing Hanger with Type H Thread Preparation

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80.00 LBS
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TC-1A-EN Extended Neck Tubing Hanger with Type H Thread Preparation 

At Heshka Oil you won’t just find TC-1A-EN extended neck tubing hangers for an affordable price. You’ll find a better solution for ordering all of your replacement parts and valves. At any given time there are hundreds of parts ready to ship out fast. All it takes is a few minutes to place an online order from anywhere, including your job site.

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TC-1A-EN Extended Neck Tubing Hanger Product Information

This is a Type H threaded tubing hanger with an extended neck for superior sealing capability. It’s compatible with any TC style tubing head for operations out in the field.


Available for tubing size 2-3/8 and 2-7/8 and flange size 7-1/16. Choose from:


  • 7-1/16 inch x 2-3/8 inch for 2 inch BPV
  • 7-1/16 inch x 2-7/8 inch for 2-1/2 inch BPV

Material Class


Temperature Class

P, U 

80.00 LBS


Christmas tree installation 

Need a Custom Tubing Hanger?

If you need another size, specific working pressure or special threading give us a call! The TC-1A-EN extended neck tubing hangers for sale at Heshka Oil work for the majority of customers, but it’s okay if you’re the exception. Our manufacturing team is capable of producing custom parts when standard sizes don’t work.

Let us know what you need and we’ll deliver!

API 6A Monogrammed Type H Back Pressure Valves

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