Heshka Oil's High-Quality Bearing Caps for FLS and FC Gate Valves


Learn how bearing caps for FLS and FC gate valves are constructed for operation in the harshest work environments.

FLS and FC slab gate valves are essential to oil and gas operations. When they aren’t working properly your job site isn’t productive. There are many components that have to work perfectly to keep gate valves operational, and bearing caps are one of those parts. They may be small, but Heshka Oil’s high-quality bearing caps for FLS and FC gate valves are built to provide superior performance even in the most demanding conditions.

Find out how our bearing caps for FC and FLS gate valves are constructed and the benefits of choosing Heshka Oil as your parts supplier.

Bearing Caps That Are Built to Exceed Expectations and Industry Standards

Our bearing caps are designed to provide a seamless fit with a wide variety of FLS and FC gate valves to ensure a secure and stable base for the valve's bearings. All Heshka Oil bearing caps are made from carbon steel, stainless steel, or nickel alloy. These high-strength materials offer durability and longevity despite heavy use in harsh environments. We’re confident our precision-engineered bearing caps will meet or exceed your expectations, and they always meet all industry standards.

The Benefits of Using Heshka Oil Bearing Caps for FLS and FC Gate Valves

You could get bearing caps elsewhere, but getting oil and gas parts from Heshka Oil comes with a few important advantages:

  • Expertly engineered bearing caps that must pass our quality control system.
  • Compatible with a large selection of OEM gate valves.
  • Designed to improve safety and reduce downtime.
  • Construction that minimizes maintenance and repairs.

All of the benefits will have a positive impact on your productivity, which means better profitability!

Get Exemplary Equipment, Services and Support From a Supplier You Can Trust

At Heshka Oil we know using oil and gas parts is just part of the equation. For site operators, acquiring high-quality parts is just as important. That’s why we were the first in the industry to offer online ordering. It’s the quickest, easiest and most cost-effective way to get parts that are critical to your operation.

Bearing caps for FLS and FC gate valves aren’t the only parts we have in stock. There are hundreds of oil and gas components and equipment at our warehouses ready to be shipped to your job site.

Visit www.heshkaoil.com any time or reach us during business hours by telephone at 936-760-3453.

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Posted On:

23rd Mar 2023