How to Buy a Zero Pressure Dry Rod Kit for the Type H BPV and TWCV Online


Find out more about our zero pressure dry rod kit for a type H back pressure valve or TWCV.

What is a Zero Pressure Dry Rod Kit?

Zero Pressure Dry Rod Kits for a type H back pressure valve and TWCV valves are used to install and remove back pressure valves and two-way check valves. The dry rod kit is used when there is zero pressure present in the well.

Zero Pressure Dry Rod Kit Components

The Zero Pressure Dry Rod Kit comes with many different components. The kit includes:

  • T-handle with end caps
  • Rods with lengths to your specific requirements
  • All necessary sleeves

These sleeves consist of the T-Handle sleeve, connector sleeves, and a tool adapter sleeve that accommodates both the installation and removal tools.

In addition, our Zero Pressure Dry Rod Kit also comes with the set screws and all pins needed to easily install the components together. Our Zero Pressure Dry Rod Kit also has an optional carrying case for transporting your kit to and from the work site and keeping all of your dry rod kit components in one place.

Sizes and Materials

Our original Zero Pressure Dry Rod kit comes with a standard rod size of 1-1/8” O.D. x 5/8” I.D. in either carbon steel or aluminum. The rods range from a length of 2’ to 12’ and can be made to our customers’ requirements.

The 1026 carbon steel has a higher yield with QPQ (Quench Polish Quench) nitride coating producing superior wear resistance, improved fatigue strength, and surface lubricity. The aluminum dry rods are more corrosion resistant and provide a lighter substitute for the 1026 carbon steel rods. While still suitable for most applications the aluminum does have a lower yield strength than the carbon steel dry rods.

Oil and Gas Equipment That’s Built to Last

As the Original Equipment Manufacturer of the Zero Pressure Dry Rod Kit, you can be sure when you buy a dry rod kit from Heshka Oil you are getting the quality product you need.

Save Time and Money - Buy a Zero Pressure Dry Rod Kit for the Type H BPV and TWCV Online!

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Posted On:

3rd Jun 2021