Dry Rod Kit for the Type H BPV and TWCV - Zero Pressure

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Dry Rod Kit for the Type H BPV and TWCV

When you need to find a dry rod kit for the type H BPV and TWCV you know you can count on Heshka Oil to deliver. We keep our inventory stocked and ready to ship. We were the first to offer affordable alternatives to Cameron equipment that can be bought online, and we’re still a leading supplier today.

Experience Heshka Oil convenience and quality - buy a dry rod kit for a type H BPV and TWCV online!

Product Information

Heshka Oil Zero Pressure Dry Rod Kit with T Handle - Swivel Adapters Available

We offer our dry rod kits in steel or aluminum. Steel rods are good for removing the larger size BPV's while the aluminum rods are great for the small valves and help reduce weight.

This BPV dry rod kit can be used to manually install and remove type H back pressure or two way check valves under ZERO PRESSURE conditions.

What’s Included in the Dry Rod Kit

Heshka Oil's BPV Zero Pressure Dry Rod kit consists of multiple sections of dry rod and a T-Bar handle. The number of dry rods vary depending on the length of the kit.

If you need a swivel adapter for the top of the dry rod you can add one to your kit. Just select the swivel adapter if needed from the menu above.

Need a case? We offer a rugged carry case with wheels so you can keep your dry rod kit in good working condition. Just select it from the drop down menu and we will make sure your dry rod kit comes packaged in one of our cases.

Dry Rod Kit Lengths

The dry rod kit for the type H BPV and TWCV for sale at Heshka Oil comes in a variety of lengths. Standard options include:







We’re also equipped to make dry rod kits in custom lengths if needed. Just reach out and let us know what length you require.

API 6A Monogrammed Valves

Heshka Oil is an oil and gas equipment supplier. Our back pressure valves and two way check valves can be API 6A monogrammed. It’s just a few more ways we give our customers assurance that quality is always a top priority.  

Save Time and Money by Ordering a Dry Rod Kit for the Type H BPV and TWCV Online!