OD Seals for Type H Back Pressure and Two-Way Check Valves


Find out why OD seals are used in back pressure valves and two-way check valves.

As the new industry leaders in back pressure valves (BPV) and two-way check valves (TWCV), Heshka Oil offers a large selection of each, as well as the parts needed to maintain them. One of the most common replacement parts Heshka Oil carries is the Outer Diameter (OD) seal for BPV and TWCV valves.

Find out what the OD seal does and why quality matters when you’re replacing this valve part.

Why OD Seals Are Used

The OD Seal for BPVs and TWCVs is a crucial component of each. A back pressure valve or two-way check valve OD seal is used in the groove right above the OD threads to seal the valve to the inner diameter of the tubing hanger. Heshka Oil offers these seals in both Hydrogenated Nitrile Rubber (HNBR) or Viton (FKM) and can also be manufactured in AFLAS when required.

HNBR OD seals are the standard seal offered at Heshk Oil and fit many different environments. They have great resistance to oil and water based mud, crude oils, methane, carbon dioxide and are suitable for H2S environments.

Viton OD seals on the other hand have a wider operating temperature range and chemical resistance. Viton OD seals are also suitable when there is a higher presence of H2S.

In addition to the different materials offered, Heshka Oil offers these seals in different sizes for all our BPVs and TWCVs. These sizes range from 2” nominal to 6-5/16” nominal.

Get the OD Seal You Need When You Need It

An OD seal can go when you least expect it, but Heshka Oil has you covered. We carry a large stock of OD seals in all sizes for every type of work environment. OD seals are ready to ship to your job site!

When you are in need of any replacement parts for Type H BPVs or TWCVs Heshka Oil is your one stop shop that gives you unmatched affordability and convenience. Call Heshka Oil at 936-760-3453 to speak directly with one of our experienced sales representatives. You can also order your OD seals in minutes from our website at www.heshkaoil.com!

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Posted On:

16th Nov 2021