OD Seal for Type H Back Pressure and Two Way Check Valves

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Buy OD Seals For Back Pressure and Two Way Check Valves That Are Compatible With Cameron Parts for a Lower Price

At Heshka Oil you’ll find OD seals for back pressure and two way check valves that are high quality at a low price. We’re an oil and gas equipment supplier that produces parts on par with Cameron. Our streamlined quality control processes and online ordering minimize cost while ensuring each seal is reliable and durable.

OD seals for both the type H back pressure valves and type H two way check valves are available for purchase.

Sizes and Materials

At Heshka Oil you’ll find two versions of our OD seal for back pressure and two way check valves for sale online. Each one is made using a different material for different environments.

  • HNBR/HSN (Highly Saturated Nitrile) for Standard Service and H2S

  • FKM (Viton) for H2S Service and High Temp Service

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