PBMO Back Pressure Valve Lubricators


Learn about the different types of BPV lubricators and their applications.

Back pressure valve (BPV) lubricators are for installing and removing back pressure valves, whereas VR lubricators are for installing and removing valve removal plugs. Lubricators like the ones from Heshka Oil consist of an upper and lower yoke connected by two side plates. The lubricators are complete with a 17-4 PH Stainless Steel polished rod and are fully pressure balanced with the well pressure. Unlike other manufacturers' products, you know you can trust our lubricators because they’re 100% manufactured, assembled and tested in the USA.

Types of Back Pressure Valve Lubricators

Which type of back pressure valve lubricator do you need? Heshka Oil currently offers several different types of lubricators including:

  • Standard vertical pressure balanced manually operated (PBMO) BPV lubricators
  • Side door or valve removal plug lubricators
  • Hydraulically operated lubricators

Pressure Balanced Manually Operated BPV Lubricators

Pressure balanced manually operated BPV lubricators from Heshka Oil have different options available for customers. These include flanged connections, 2” 1502 WECO connections, or the Heshka Slik Connect. The “stroke” for each lubricator is customer-specific and can be tailored to fit your exact needs. We also carry standard lengths to make selection and manufacturing times quicker.

Valve Removal Lubricators

Like the BPV lubricators, our Valve Removal (VR) lubricators, sometimes called side door lubricators, have an upper and lower yoke complete with two side plates. The stroke length for VR lubricators comes standard for either a two valve or single valve configuration. The VR lubricator can also be configured with the same end connections as the BPV lubricator.

The main difference is the VR lubricator is a much smaller form factor than the BPV lubricator. When the need arises, we can customize these side door lubricators if the standard options don’t fit your needs. Most of our VR lubricators are also pressure balanced.

Hydraulically Operated Lubricators

Heshka Oil also offers a complete hydraulically operated lubricator and a telescopic version of our VR lubricator. Check out the hydraulic lubricator and telescopic lubricator pages for more information on these products.

For more information or to receive a quote you can reach us at 936-760-3453 to speak with one of our knowledgeable sales reps. You can also contact us online at www.heshkaoil.com. If it’s a BPV or VR lubricator you need, Heshka Oil has you covered no matter the project or size!

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Posted On:

2nd Dec 2021