Replacing Your FLS Slab Gate

Replacing Your FLS Slab Gate

Learn how FLS slab gates are constructed to find the best replacement parts.

FLS gate valves are high-quality valves that incorporate a slab gate to block fluid flow when closed. These valves should always be operated fully open or fully closed. FLS gate valves are able to operate in extreme environments because they’re constructed with components that are durable and replaceable. The FLS slab gate is one of the components that can be replaced during maintenance on the valve for optimal operation.

Replacing this critical component means finding a part that’s not only well-constructed but also compatible. Here’s how to make sure your replacement FLS slab gate meets those two criteria.

How an FLS Slab Gate is Constructed

Construction is extremely important when you’re replacing valve parts. Even OEM parts might not be what you expect out on the job site. It helps to know how an FLS gate valve should be constructed. As with other internal components, the bore diameter should be machined to spec so there is no obstructed flow path nor would it allow unnecessary erosion. Erosion could lead to premature failure of the valve.


The FLS gate is a solid slab gate made of 410 stainless steel and features tungsten carbide hard facing.

Sizes and Pressure Ratings

The FLS slab gates are available in a range of sizes. These sizes include all valves from 1-13/16” to 7-1/16” with pressure ratings up to 15,000 PSI.

Getting Quality FLS Slab Gate Replacement Parts

Here at Heshka Oil, we know every component, right down to the smallest part, is important when performing maintenance on your FLS gate valve. Our FLS slab gates are always made with the highest-quality materials available. They are also 100% OEM compatible and go through a rigorous quality control check to guarantee performance.

But not every manufacturer goes to those lengths to ensure replacement parts are every bit as good as the original. We also make it easier to get quality FLS slab gate replacement parts. You can order online to have your FLS gate shipped directly to your location. If you prefer you can get personal assistance placing an order by calling one of our experienced sales reps at 936-760-3453.

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5th Jul 2022