Type HP Two Way Check Valve for 20,000 PSI


Discover the purpose and performance factors of a high pressure two way check valve.

The type HP (High Pressure) two-way check valve is similar to the standard type H two-way check valve in that it has the same O.D. thread style and seal. Its purpose is also the same as the standard two way check valve in that it is primarily used when testing the wellhead tree after it has been installed on the wellhead.

High Pressure Two Way Check Valve vs. Standard Type H Two Way Check Valve

The main differences between the two check valves are found in the internals. The high pressure version has both the BPV and the TWCV seal shoulders built into the body, unlike the regular type H style that has one seal shoulder in the body and one in the retainer nut. Designing the TWCV this way eliminates one potential leak path at the O-ring located between the retainer nut and body. A 20,000 psi check valve also eliminates the retainer nut and its threads, which are another weak link when it comes to holding the higher pressure.

Applications and Construction of the Type HP Two Way Check Valve - 20,000 PSI

As with the regular type H TWCV, our type HP two way check valve for 20,000 psi comes in a variety of materials suitable for all environments that may be encountered when in use. The materials that are used affect the applications.

  • 410 Stainless Steel - Best for EE and FF sour service.
  • 17-4 PH Stainless Steel - Best for EE and FF sour service.
  • Inconel 718 - Best for HH sour service.

Heshka Oil can also construct 20,000 psi check valves in 4130 Alloy. If you need custom parts you can’t find anywhere else, Heshka Oil can help. Contact Sales@Heshkaoil.com for more information on our type HP two way check valves or to request a quote.

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Posted On:

3rd Jun 2021