Type HP Two Way Check Valve for 20,000 PSI

Type HP Two Way Check Valve

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4.00 LBS

 Type HP Two Way Check Valve for 20,000 PSI

Why pay more for a hydraulic valve when you can get reliable, durable equipment at HeshkaOil.com for less? With more than 50 years of combined experience working in the oil and gas industry, our team is fully equipped to design, manufacture and supply two way check valves that allow fluids to flow in both directions without the need for automation or manual management. We can build valves to your exact specifications to keep things flowing smoothly.

Buy a type HP two way check valve for 20,000 PSI online in minutes. 

Type HP 2 Way Check Valve Product Information

This type HP two way check valve is installed in the tubing hanger to allow the christmas tree to be tested. The two way check valve allows pressure to be equalized above and below the seal, ensuring safe removal from the tubing hanger.

BPV Sizes

The type HP two way check valve for 20,000 PSI for sale at HeshkaOil.com comes in a large selection of BPV sizes. You can select from: 

1 - ¼” Nominal

1 - ½” Nominal

1 - ¾” Nominal

2” Nominal Slimline

2” Nominal

2.5” Nominal

3” Nominal

3.5” Nominal

4” Nominal

4 - 3/32” Nominal

4 - ⅜” Nominal

5” Nominal

6” Nominal

6 - 1/16” Nominal

6 - 5/16” Nominal


At HeshkaOil.com you’ll find type HP two way check valves for 20,000 PSI in four materials:

4130 Alloy

410 Stainless Steel

17-4 PH Stainless Stee 

Inconel 718

Equivalent OEM Part Numbers

347187 (2 In)

346803 (2-1/2 In)

347188 (3 In)


The 17-4 PH and 410 SS two way check valves should be used for EE or FF sour service. Inconel 718 two way check valves should be used for HH sour service.

Looking for replacement valve parts? We have a huge selection of replacement parts that are compatible with Heshka Oil valves as well as valves made by Cameron and SWACO. Parts are in stock and ready to ship!

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Superior Quality at a Lower Price From an API 6A Manufacturer

Heshka Oil isn’t like other aftermarket parts suppliers. We produce parts that are the equivalent of name brand equipment, not cheaply made knockoffs. Our comprehensive quality control system ensures that every part, no matter how complex or simple, provides superior quality and performance. 

With Heshka Oil you get API 6A monogrammed oil and gas parts for an aftermarket price. 

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