What to Know About Gate Valve O-Rings for Oil and Gas Equipment


Find out what makes our o-rings for oil and gas equipment superior to the competition.

An O-ring is a circular gasket with a cross-section. It is typically made with pliable material and used to seal different types of connections. Valves require many different types of O-rings all of which can be critical to proper functioning.

O-Ring Uses

An O-Ring has many different uses in the oil and gas industry, but they serve one primary purpose. If a valve needs a seal, then an O-ring may be the part that’s needed. It could be sealing a retaining nut in a two-way check valve, sealing a piston in the cylinder of a hydraulic gate valve or something as simple as sealing the bearing cap on a manual gate valve.

O-Ring Materials

O-Rings have many different styles and options. The materials used to create different O-ring styles range from latex alternatives like nitrile to hydrogenated acrylonitrile butadiene rubber (HNBR). Heshka Oil offers O-rings made from nitrile, hydrogenated nitrile, viton and other high-end materials.

  • Viton would be used in your more extreme environments and can handle temperature from -25 degrees to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • HNBR would be more suitable for a moderate application in temperatures ranging from -30 degrees to 330 degrees.
  • Then Nitrile would handle your general applications in an environmental temperature of -40 degrees to 250 degrees.

O-Ring Sizes

When looking for O-Rings you also must consider which size is needed. I.D. and O.D. of the O-ring will be important in knowing which route to go when choosing your O-ring. O-Rings range from 0.029 inches to as high as 25 inches in diameter.

API Valve O-Rings: High Quality for a Low Price

Heshka Oil is your one stop source for all the valve O-Rings you’ll ever need out in the field. We carry a large selection for all applications in the oil and gas industry. Whether you need to replace a seal on your piston in your FC or FLS Hydraulic gate valve or even get backup O-rings for a Type R check valve we have you covered with parts that meet our API-level quality standards.

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Posted On:

3rd Jun 2021