O-Ring for the Type R Check Valve

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0.01 LBS

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O-Ring for the Type R Check Valve

Why pay more for Cameron parts when Heshka Oil offers the same quality and reliability at a lower price? Buy an o-ring for the Type R check valve and we promise perfect compatibility. Plus, you get the convenience of ordering parts online anytime, anywhere.

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O-Ring Product Information

This o-ring is installed on the seat screw of 5,000 PSI Type R check valves. There are several options available. Please select the size/pressure needed before placing your order.


Our o-ring for the Type R check valve for sale at HeshkaOil.com are made of Nitrile (Buna) 70. We can also offer HNBR or Viton materials.


0.01 lbs


The o-ring is just one component that helps sealing.

O-rings for R Seat Screw Sizes and Pressures

2-1/16” 5,000 PSI

3-1/8” 5,000 PSI

4-1/16” 5,000 PSI

Competitive Pricing and Exemplary Customer Service

In an industry as volatile as the oil and gas industry it’s important to find a parts supplier you can trust to deliver high quality parts at a fair price. We aren’t just a supplier. Heshka Oil strives to be a partner that offers exemplary customer service that extends beyond placing an order. Our team can help you find the parts you need even if it means getting them from another provider or designing a custom part. 

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We’re an API Certified Manufacturer You Can Count On

Reliability is always one of our top priorities. To help ensure every part is built perfectly we use a quality control system. It’s helped us earn an API 6A certification and gives you assurance we’re meeting international quality management standards. 

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