What to Know About The Equalizer Snubricator


Find out what the patent-pending Snubricator wellhead hydraulic lubricator can do.

We’re proud to announce our new state-of-the-art patent-pending Snubricator™ called “The Equalizer”. This completely pressure balanced lubricator is hydraulically manipulated and comes with automated control for smooth hands-off operation.

The Equalizer is a perfect example of how Heshka Oil is constantly innovating new and exciting products that change the way things are done in the oil and gas industry. The Equalizer will provide our customers with a substantial increase in efficiency when working on wellhead equipment. Here’s how.

What Makes The Equalizer Perfect for Frac Operations

The Snubricator™ can safely and effectively manipulate its pressure-balanced polished rod vertically and rotationally within a 15,000 PSI working pressure. The operator controls the Snubricator™ with a panel mounted touch screen, allowing for safe and precise management of the polished rod outside of the well's dangerous RedZone.

Frac Valve leaking? In order to replace the valve and continue with frac operations you need to get that valve replaced ASAP. The equalizer will snub in your hanger with a pre-installed BPV with no need for a man in the red zone!

Once installed on the tree, the system initializes, confirming the unit is ready for operation. A simple tap of the start button will begin snubbing the tubing hanger into the tubing head.

No More Bent Polished Rods

Are you bending your current polished rods? We eliminate this because we are not trying to fight the well pressure with hydraulic pressure. Instead, pressure is continually balanced above and below the equipment when being snubbed-in, set and the tool is retrieved.

A small hydraulic power unit supports controlled movements, saving valuable pad space and eliminating the need for a trailer-mounted HPU. A slim, lightweight 1-3/8” diameter polished rod is continuously held and manipulated with hydraulic movements derived from proven snubbing clamping technology.

No Need to Break Frac Stacks

With polished rod stroke length up to 21 feet in length, installation and retrieval through larger 7-1/16” frac stacks is now possible. Alleviating the need to break the stack saves valuable time and reduces additional risks to safety and exposure.

Compatible Connections

Like the standard Heshka Oil PBMO Lubricators, The Equalizer can come with a variety of different connections. The most common connection is a 2-1/16” 15,000 PSI flanged connection end. This can be tailored to meet our customers' specific needs. The polished rod is 1-3/8” in diameter and made of 17-4 PH Stainless Steel for increased durability.

For more information or pricing on The Equalizer give us a call at 936-760-3453 to speak with one of our experienced sales reps.

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Posted On:

26th Feb 2022