Why You Want to Have a Major Repair Kit for an FLS Gate Valve


Find out why having a major repair kit is so important and what parts a kit for FLS gate valves should include.

Major repair kits are used when performing maintenance on your FLS slab gate valve. They can also prove to be invaluable out in the field if a component fails unexpectedly. Without the safety net of a major repair kit an FLS gate valve malfunction could shut down your entire operation.

But what should a major repair kit for an FLS gate valve include? And how do you know you’re getting quality parts that will work? Keep reading for answers to these important questions.

What Should Be in a Major Repair Kit for an FLS Gate Valve

Major repair kits come with all the components required to get your FLS gate valve back in top working condition. Major Repair Kits for FLS gate valves should contain:

  • Gate
  • Stem
  • Two seats
  • Two outer diameter and inner diameter seat seals
  • Bonnet gasket
  • SLS stem packing
  • Back-up ring (for 10-15K)
  • Retainer plate
  • Bonnet grease fitting
  • Dowel pin
  • Thrust bearings
  • Bearing races

FLS Gate Valve Major Repair Kit Construction and Quality

The components in the major repair kits from Heshka Oil are 100% OEM interchangeable and made from top-quality materials. These two factors are extremely important any time you are repairing an existing valve. The construction and materials that are used depend on the individual component.

  • The replacement gate is typically made from 410 stainless steel and includes a tungsten carbide hard facing.
  • The seats, like the gate, are also 410 stainless steel with a tungsten carbide hard facing.
  • The stem is usually machined from 410 stainless steel, however other options are available upon request, including 17-4 stainless steel and Inconel. Most stems come coated with a QPQ nitride bath coating.
  • The bonnet gasket, retainer plate and grease fitting are all 300 series stainless steel but available in carbon steel as needed.
  • The SLS stem seal, the inner diameter and outer diameter seat seals are all spring energized with a stainless spring, which is upgradeable to an elgiloy spring.

Many of the components in the Heshka Oil major repair kit for the FLS gate valve can be made from different materials depending on the environment where the FLS gate valve is being used.

FLS Gate Valve Major Repair Kit Sizes and Pressures

Major repair kits are available for all FLS slab gate valves in different sizes and pressure ratings. The sizes available from Heshka Oil are 1-13/16” to 7-1/16” with pressure ratings from 2,000 PSI to 15,000 PSI.

How to Get a Major Repair Kit for FLS Gate Valves When You Need It

Having the correct parts when performing maintenance on your FLS slab gate valves is extremely important and so is the quality. At Heshka Oil you can be sure you are getting the best available aftermarket and Heshka OEM spare parts. For your convenience, all our FLS major repair kits are available for purchase directly on our website at www.heshkaoil.com. It’s the quickest way to get a major repair kit delivered to your jobsite.

Prefer to place your purchase orders with a person? Then call us at 1-936-760-3453 to speak with one of our helpful sales reps.

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Posted On:

30th Jun 2022