Poppet for the Type R Check Valve

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0.50 LBS

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Poppet for the Type R Check Valve

Find poppets for Type R check valves that are inexpensive alternatives to Cameron replacement parts. At Heshka Oil we manufacture high quality oil and gas equipment that meets industry standards, provide convenient online ordering and offer a pricing program guarantee. We have a huge selection of parts that are in stock and ready to ship. 

Order from anywhere to get your parts as quickly as possible - buy poppets for the Type R check valves online!

Poppet for Type R Check Valve Product Information

Our poppets fit OEM Type R check valves, including Cameron valves and our own valves. They are designed and built by a team with more than 50 years of experience to meet the highest standards in the oil and gas industry. 


The poppets for Type R check valves for sale at HeshkaOil.com are made of 410 Stainless Steel.

API 6A Standards

All poppets for Type R check valves meet API 6A material requirements.


0.50 LBS 

Sizes and Pressures 

  • 1-13/16” 10/15 KPSI
  • 2-1/16” 5/10/15 KPSI
  • 2-9/16” 5/10/15 KPSI
  • 3-1/16” 5/10/15 KPSI
  • 4-1/16” 5/10 KPSI

Looking for another poppet size or pressure rating? Call our customer service department for personalized assistance ordering poppets that will control flow and prevent contaminants.

Get the Added Assurance of API 6A Monogrammed Valves

Ordering parts online isn’t a risk when you work with Heshka Oil. Not only do we have the industry experience needed to provide top quality parts, we’re also an API 6A Manufacturer certified oil and gas equipment supplier. Our quality control system gives you peace of mind that every part you order will work perfectly even in the harshest working conditions.

All of our Cameron Style Type R check valves are also API 6A monogrammed!

Save Time and Money by Ordering a Poppet for the Type R Check Valves Online!