Poppet Spring for the Type R Check Valve

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0.25 LBS

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Poppet Spring for Type R Check Valve

At HeshkaOil.com you’ll find a poppet spring for the Type R check valve that’s equivalent to Cameron, but it’s the price that’s really impressive. The springs are Cameron compatible without the name brand expense. We also provide a superior online ordering experience that’s easy, fast and convenient.   

Don’t spend more than you need to in order to get the parts you need - buy a poppet spring for your Type R check valve at HeshkaOil.com. 

Poppet Spring Product Information

The poppet spring is an integral part of Type R check valves. Together with the poppet, seat and seal the spring helps keep flow moving in Christmas tree injection and kill lines.



Sizes and Pressures

1-13/16” 10/15 KPSI

2-1/16” 5/10/15 KPSI

2-9/16” 5/10/15 KPSI

3-1/16” 5/10/15 KPSI

4-1/16” 5/10 KPSI

Cameron Compatible

This poppet spring fits in all Cameron Type R Check Valves.


The poppet spring for the Type R check valve for sale on HeshkaOil.com can be used in standard and sour service.

Need more information or additional Cameron Type R check valve parts? 

At Heshka Oil we have all the replacement parts you need for Cameron Type R check valves. You can get poppets, seals and seats that work perfectly without paying a premium. We also have an API 6A Cameron style Type R check valve that’s just as reliable as the original. 

API 6A Poppet Spring Manufacturer

The oil and gas fields are a tough environment. If just one drilling part isn’t built to handle the job it can slow the entire operation down. That’s why Heshka Oil is an API 6A Manufacturer. Every single part and component goes through our rigorous quality management system before its shipped. When our parts make it to your job site you can rest easy knowing they’re built to perform beyond your expectations.

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