Rotating Swivel Spool

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200.00 LBS

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Rotating Swivel Spool

When you need to find a rotating flange but don’t have the time to order in-person Heshka Oil has the solution. We were the oil and gas industry’s first online parts supplier. We’ve perfected the online ordering process and can guarantee that your parts will be delivered on time exactly as expected. 

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Rotating Flange Swivel Spool Product Information

This swivel spool or rotating flange is a non-welded design consisting of 3 main items:

  1. Flange by Hub

  2. Swivel Flange

  3. Load Ring

These parts are also known as rotating flange spools, a frac swivel spool or a frac rotating flange.



Sizes and Pressures

5-⅛” 10,000 PSI

5-⅛” 15,000 PSI

7-1/16” 10,000 PSI

7-1/16” 15,000 PSI


The rotating spool for sale on is used when connecting flanges that are out of alignment. They are a component of the frac setup for single line fracking.

Single Line Fracturing

Single line fracking reduces the amount of iron required and eliminates up to 75% of leak paths and connections required. It’s a safer, faster and more budget friendly way for fracturing. The structural integrity of the wellhead is increased by using a single line for fracturing fluid delivery. The use of single line fracking helps flow rates due to maintaining the large bore diameters without reducing to 3” or 4” flow line.

Swivel Spools/Rotating Flanges

The outlet of the frac manifold and the inlet of the frac tree have trouble aligning due to the vertical and horizontal planes of each. Swivel spools are used to help align multiple frac stacks when single line fracking is utilized. Swivel spools, accompanied with elbows when needed, eliminate the need for flow iron hammer union joints and goat heads on each individual well.

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Why Buy a Rotating Swivel Spool from an API Manufacturer?

Working with an API manufacturer like Heshka Oil means you get added reassurance that every part is perfectly engineered. API 6A certification is awarded to manufacturers that take the initiative to create and use a quality control system that meets the highest standards. Every swivel spool is closely inspected before shipping to ensure it’s functional and durable enough for any single line frac system.

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