Seat for the Type H2 Adjustable Choke

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1.50 LBS

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Seat for the Type H2 Adjustable Choke

Experience the convenience and affordability of buying your H2 choke seats online. Heshka Oil was the first to offer drilling and production service companies the ability to buy parts from anywhere so that they can stay focused on their business. You’ll get great customer service, fast shipping and prices that can’t be beat by other suppliers.

Buy a seat for the type H2 adjustable choke online for aftermarket prices!

Product Information

Cameron-Style H2 Choke Seat for Less

The seat for type H2 adjustable chokes for sale at is designed to work just like Cameron equipment for a far lower price. The seat can be combined with a bean to convert your H2 adjustable choke into a positive/adjustable choke.

Compatible Choke Sizes and Trims

Buy a seat for a type H2 adjustable choke no matter what size or trim it is. We have seats for 2” and 3” H2 chokes with a regular or super trim. Super trim seats come with a carbide insert and are available in 410 stainless or 17-4 stainless.

Get All the Parts You Need for Type H2 Adjustable Chokes

You won’t just find seats for the type H2 adjustable chokes at You’ll find a selection of parts to keep your chokes flowing. Check out the type H2 adjustable and positive chokes parts page for seats, beans, stems and more.

Save Time and Money by Ordering a Seat for the Type H2 Adjustable Choke Online!