Thread Chaser for Type H BPV Threads

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3.00 LBS

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Keep your back pressure valves running correctly with BPV thread chasers from Heshka Oil. When you need to clean out debris and repair minor damage in your tubing hanger thread our BPV thread chasers can help you get the job done efficiently. 

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BPV Thread Chasers Product Information

There are a lot of different back pressure valves with various configurations, and we’ve got a BPV thread chaser for them all. Our chasers make maintaining back pressure valves easy and minimizes costly downtime.


Heshka Oil BPV thread chasers come in a huge range of sizes: 

  • 2” Nominal

  • 3” Nominal

  • 4” Nominal

  • 5” Nominal

  • Many other sizes available


Heshka Oil BPV thread chasers can be used in all tubing hangers with the correct Type H thread profile which include the TC-1A and the TC-1A EN.


Our BPV thread chasers are constructed with heat-treated, high carbon steel that is durable enough to clean out the hanger type H threads in the field.   

Need Custom Running and Retrieving Tools?

Heshka Oil is more than a middle-man parts supplier. We are a manufacturer with the ability to build custom parts that meet the most exact specifications. Give our customer service team a call to learn more about placing custom orders. 

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