Teflon Seal Ring for the Type FC Gate Valve

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Seal Ring for the Type FC Gate Valve

Getting optimal performance out of Type FC gate valves requires tight seals all around. That’s what you’ll get with Heshka Oil seal rings. Our replacement parts are just as reliable and durable as Cameron OEM parts, but they are also more affordable.

Don’t let a seal delay drilling - buy a seal ring for the Type FC gate valve online in minutes. 

Type FC Gate Valve Seal Rings Product Information

Get a leak-free gate valve with seal rings from Heshka Oil. Our high-quality seal rings are proof that no part is insignificant in the oilfield. The durable Glass fiber Moly PTFE construction is designed to meet the demands of harsh working environments while reducing wear. 

Sizes and Pressures

The seal rings for the Type FC gate valve for sale on HeshkaOil.com come in 17 different sizes and pressures:

1 13/16” 10,000 PSI

1 13/16” 15,000 PSI

2 1/16” 5,000 PSI

2 1/16” 10,000 PSI

2 1/16” 15,000 PSI

2 9/16” 5,000 PSI

2 9/16” 10,000 PSI

2 9/16” 15,000 PSI

3 1/8” 5,000 PSI

3 1/16” 10,000 PSI

3 1/16” 15,000 PSI

4 1/16” 5,000 PSI

4 1/16” 10,000 PSI

4 1/16” 15,000 PSI

5 1/8” 5,000 PSI

5 1/8” 10,000 PSI

5 1/8” 15,000 PSI

7 1/16” 5,000 PSI

7 1/16” 10,000 PSI

7 1/16” 15,000 PSI

Cameron Compatibility 

Our seal rings are compatible with the Cameron FC gate valve as well as our own Type FC gate valves

Need more FC gate valve replacement parts? At Heshka Oil you’ll find seal rings for the Type FC gate valve along with everything else you need to keep your valves operational. We’re known for having one of the largest inventories in the industry with parts that are ready to be shipped to your site ASAP. 

Everything you need for Type FC gate valves all in one place - that’s the Heshka Oil way.

Higher Quality, Lower Price - Get More Value From an API 6A Manufacturer

You don’t have to buy OEM parts to get superior performance and quality. Heshka Oil is an API 6A manufacturer that is able to provide the same quality and reliability that you’ve come to expect from Cameron. From expert design to our quality control system, every part we produce is made to maximize value. 

At HeshkaOil.com you get API 6A monogrammed parts for an aftermarket price. 

Save Time and Money by Ordering a Seal Ring for the Type FC Gate Valve Online!