Stem Adapter O-Ring for Type FC and FLS Gate Valves

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Stem Adapter O-Ring for Type FC and FLS Gate Valves

The oil and gas industry relies on heavy duty equipment with hundreds of components. If just one component fails the whole operation can be shut down. When you need reliable replacement parts like an o-ring for a stem adapter you can count on Heshka Oil to deliver. All of the parts we produce meet the industry’s highest standards and can be ordered online for added convenience. Valve stem adapter o-rings are in stock and ready to ship!  

Order online now to buy a stem adapter o-ring for type FC and FLS gate valves that’s high quality at a low price.

Stem Adapter O-Ring Product Information

This o-ring is designed to fit a manual gate valve stem adapter. It can be used in conjunction with our stem adapter for FC and FLS gate valves to create a tight seal when connecting fittings. It is constructed to prevent leaks under high pressures and extreme temperatures. 

Sizes and Pressures

1-13/16” 10,000 PSI

1-13/16” 15,000 PSI

2-1/16” 5,000 PSI

2-1/16” 10,000 PSI

2-1/16” 15,000 PSI

3-1/8” 5,000 PSI

3-1/16” 10,000 PSI

3-1/16” 15,000 PSI

4-1/16” 5,000 PSI

4-1/16” 10,000 PSI

4-1/16” 15,000 PSI

5-1/8” 5,000 PSI

5-1/8” 10,000 PSI

5-1/8” 15,000 PSI

7-1/16” 5,000 PSI

7-1/16” 10,000 PSI

7-1/16” 15,000 PSI

0.01 lbs

Cameron Compatibility

The stem adapter o-ring for the type FC and FLS gate valves for sale on are compatible with Cameron valves.

Need Other Type FC and Type FLS Gate Valve Parts?

Heshka Oil offers a full range of Type FC and Type FLS gate valve replacement parts. We even have API 6A monogrammed FLS gate valves and FC gate valves that are a reliable alternative for more expensive Cameron valves. Give our customer service team a call for personal assistance finding the parts you need. 

We’re an API 6A Gate Valve Parts Manufacturer

At you’ll find stem adapter o-rings for type FC and FLS gate valves that are affordable, but they aren’t cheaply made. In fact, our quality control management system has helped us earn API 6A certification. Our wellhead and x-mas tree equipment meets strict guidelines for materials, functionality, design and performance out in the field.   

Save Time and Money by Ordering a Stem Adapter O-Ring for Type FC and FLS Gate Valves Online!