Type H BPV and TWCV Field Kit

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40.00 LBS

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Make sure you’re completely covered onsite with a Type H BPV and TWCV field kit from Heshka Oil. It’s the first kit of its kind that’s compatible with Type H back pressure valves and Type H two way check valves. The kit can be used for in field repairs or testing. 

Type H BPV and TWCV field kits are just one of the many products we have stocked and ready to ship. Place an order online in minutes and we’ll get your kit shipped out from our closest location for the quickest delivery possible. 

Type H BPV and TWCV Field Kit Product Specifications

Everything you need for Type H BPV and TWCV maintenance is in this field kit. Our experts have experience out in the oilfield, and they know what components are most critical. 

Our Type H BPV and TWCV field kit includes:

  • 2” Type H back pressure valve

  • 2.5” Type H back pressure valve

  • 2” Type H two-way check valve

  • 2.5” Type H two-way check valve

  • Installation Tool

  • Removal Tool

  • Replacement Pins

  • Replacement Piston

  • Replacement Plunger

  • Replacement Set screws and an allen wrench

  • Replacement Spring

  • Replacement Type H back pressure valve stem

  • Replacement OD Seals for both 2” and 2-½”

  • Replacement Type H two-way check valve O-rings

All of the components come in a durable carrying case that makes it easy to keep all the parts you need together and easily accessible. The outer shell of the case is completely weatherproof for all environments, and a foam insert inside keeps all of the parts protected and in place. 

Keep Kits Stocked With Extra Parts

Don’t need a whole Type H BPV and TWCV field kit? Or maybe you need to replace a part in your kit. Either way you can find all of the individual parts you need at HeshkaOil.com. 

The Type H BPV and TWCV Field Kit You Can Count On

Replacing a part or making a repair on one of your valves out in the field can be stressful. What if it doesn’t work as well as the original part? Or worse, what do you do out in the field if it doesn’t work at all?

With Heshka Oil parts, that isn’t a concern. We put every component through a rigorous quality control test to guarantee each part works as expected before being shipped. The parts in our Type H BPV and TWCV field kits are compatible with a wide variety of valves, including valves manufactured by Heshka Oil. 

Anything can happen out in the field, but you can always count on Heshka Oil parts to get the job done. 

High Quality Equipment and Customer Service With Every Purchase

Our customers enjoy knowing that every time they make a purchase at HeshkaOil.com they’re getting high quality equipment and customer service for a price that can’t be beat. 

We make it easy to find what you need when you need it, but if you need assistance our product specialists are just a call away. They can help you locate a part, place a custom order and explain the shipping options. Our goal is to help you save time and reduce downtime. 

High quality at a low price - that’s the Heshka Oil way! 

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