Installation Tool for 2" and larger H BPV and TWCV

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3.00 LBS

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Buy an Installation Tool For Type H Back Pressure Valves Online

Heshka Oil was the first to create affordable alternatives for Cameron valves online, and the installation tool for type H back pressure valves for sale here on our website offer the same level of quality. When you need reliable, durable equipment out in the oil field, our installation tool can meet the demands of the job.

This installation tool, also known as a stinger, is used to install type H back pressure valves and type H two way check valves in the tubing hanger. It’s a critical piece of equipment for putting valves in place that reduce downtime and minimize operating costs.


Our installation tool for type H back pressure valves is compatible with the 2” to 6” valves.

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You can now find installation tools for type H back pressure valves online. It’s the easiest way to ensure you have what you need when you need it.

At Heshka Oil we help the global oil industry keep pumping with U.S.-manufactured parts that are in stock and ready to be delivered!

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