ID Face Seal for Type FLS and FLS-R Gate Valves - Spring Energized

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Find ID Face Seals for Type FLS and FLS-R Gate Valves Online

Learn about affordable aftermarket ID face seals that are compatible with a Cameron FLS gate valve.

What Are Spring Energized ID Face Seals?

ID (Inner Diameter) face seals are used on the FLS and FLS-R seat. They are a type of mechanical face seal that’s used in conjunction with the OD (Outer Diameter) face seal to provide a seal between the seat and the seat pocket of FLS style valves. 

Heshka Oil ID face seals are spring-loaded with a pressure-energized lip seal. The ID face seal is inserted into the innermost groove on the FLS seats.  


Heshka Oil offers the ID face seals for FLS and FLS-R style valves in two different materials. The more common option is virgin peek spring energized with a stainless spring. An alternative option would be to replace the stainless spring with an Elgiloy spring, this material is extremely durable and can handle the harshest of conditions. A more cost effective option, when conditions are not extreme, is the glass fiber moly PTFE, or Teflon as it is called in the field. This style ID face seal is a great choice and also has amazing durability.


Our ID Face seals have many options in terms of the sizes that are available. The sizes range from 1-13/16” all the way to 7-1/16”. In total there are 17 size configurations. The pressure ranges from 5,000 to 15,000 pounds per square inch. 


Heshka Oil ID face seals are compatible with the Cameron FLS gate valve. They are also perfectly compatible with our own FLS and FLS-R gate valves.

Quality Assurance You Can Count On

All of the spring energized face seals manufactured by Heshka Oil are manufactured according to our API conforming quality system. Our advanced quality control system has earned us an industry designation that lets you know you can count on our parts to perform. 

Save Time and Money - Buy ID Face Seals for Type FLS and FLS-R Gate Valve Online!

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