SLS Seal for Type FLS and FLS-R Gate Valves - Spring Energized U Packing

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0.20 LBS

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SLS Seal for Type FLS and FLS-R Gate Valves

Heshka Oil isn’t just a parts manufacturer and supplier. We’re a partner that helps our customers improve operations and profitability by making the ordering process as simple and streamlined as possible. We make it easy to get SLS seals and thousands of other parts in a matter of minutes. 

Buy SLS seal for type FLS and FLS-R gate valves online at to save more money and spend less time getting the parts you need.

SLS Seal Product Information

At you can find SLS seals for type FLS and FLS-R gate valves that are able to handle high heat and pressures. 


0.20 LBS


There are six size options ranging from 2-1/16” and 7-1/16”.


The SLS seals for type FLS and FLS-R gate valves for sale at are rated for 5,000 PSI, 10,000 PSI and 15,000 PSI.


Our SLS seals are compatible with the Cameron FLS-R gate valve. 

API 6A Standards

All seals are built to meet the American Petroleum Institute’s high standards for design, materials, function and performance. 

Packing Type

Spring energized valve stem packing


SLS seals contribute to the overall performance of industrial operations. They serve the vital task of keeping oil and liquids in while keeping contaminants out. 

Need another seal for a different valve? Heshka Oil has thousands of parts in stock for a variety of valves. Give our customer service team to get help finding exactly what you need. 

Online Ordering, Personal Service

At Heshka Oil you get the best of both worlds - reliable parts and personalized service with the convenience of online ordering. The oil and gas industry has evolved beyond antiquated in-person orders that waste time, but only Heshka Oil replicates the personal touch of a face-to-face transaction. We’re your one-stop shop where you can get custom parts, financing options and a pricing program guarantee. 

API 6A Manufacturer and Supplier of SLS Seals 

A seal is a small part that can cause big problems if it doesn’t work properly. We take durability and reliability seriously because we understand every component is important out in the field. Our quality control system meets API 6A standards to deliver perfectly produced parts. We make sure you’re well equipped before we ship.  

Save Time and Money by Ordering SLS Seal for Type FLS and FLS-R Gate Valves Online!