BPV Thread Chasers


Discover what BPV thread chasers are used for and how they’re made.

Thread chasers are designed to be used in conjunction with Type H back pressure valves and two-way check valves. The type H thread chasers are used to clean out debris and remove any minor damage in the thread of the tubing hanger.

Our experts at Heshka Oil recommend using a thread chaser prior to running the BPV or TWCV, especially when the condition of the thread in the tubing hanger is not known. This will ensure that the BPV and or TWCV will make up correctly when run, preventing expensive non-productive downtime.

Thread Chaser Sizes

Thread chasers typically come in sizes ranging from 2” to 6-5/32” nominal. At Heshka Oil we carry thread chasers for every nominal size covered by our type H back pressure and two-way check valves.

Thread Chaser Materials

The materials used to manufacture thread chasers must be hard enough to remove any debris and minor damage from the tubing hanger thread. A material that meets this requirement and is commonly used to make thread chasers is a high carbon steel that is heat treated. All of Heshka Oil’s thread chasers are manufactured this way to ensure adequate durability.

Thread Chaser Compatibility

Each thread chaser has a pin and set screw, which allows the thread chaser to be easily attached to a variety of back pressure and two-way check valve running/retrieving tools. This includes compatibility with Heshka Oil dry rod kits for Type H valves.

Where to Get Quality Thread Chasers

When you need a quality thread chaser for your job Heshka Oil has you covered. We carry a large stock of thread chasers at both our Conroe and Midland locations to meet the demand of our customers.

Call us at 936-760-3453 or order directly from us at www.heshkaoil.com. We make it easy to get the oil and gas parts you need when you need them!

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Posted On:

26th Feb 2022