Packing Set for the Type R Check Valve - PolyPak

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0.03 LBS

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Packing for the Type R Check Valve - PolyPak

When you just need a lower packing to keep your Type R check valve running you shouldn’t have to take time out of your busy schedule to make the purchase. Heshka Oil is the premier online supplier for all your check valve replacement parts. We give you quality, reliability and affordability with aftermarket parts that meet the oil and gas industry’s highest standards.

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Product Information: Find PolyPak Packing for the Type R Check Valve 

This lower packing fits in all OEM Cameron Type R check valves. It’s the perfect combination of value and performance. 


0.03 lbs

Sizes and Pressures

1-13/16” 10/15 KPSI

2-1/16” 10/15 KPSI

2-9/16” 10/15 KPSI

3-1/16” 10/15 KPSI

4-1/16” 10/15 KPSI


The PolyPak packing for the Type R check valve for sale on can be used in standard and sour service.

Get All of Your Type R Check Valve Parts Online

At Heshka Oil we design, manufacture and distribute a wide selection of replacement parts for Type R check valves. In addition to packings for a Type R check valve you can find seats, springs, seals, gaskets and more. 

Can’t find the part you need? Call our customer service department and we’ll help you locate it or come up with a custom solution. 

API 6A Manufactured Parts for the Type R Check Valves

Heshka Oil is able to provide Cameron quality because we believe in testing and inspecting every part we produce. Our quality control management system has earned us API 6A certification. The API certification guarantees that each part is thoroughly examined for quality and performance before shipping out.

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