Reverse Acting Gate for the Type FC and FLS Slab Gate Valve - 410 SST Hardfaced

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10.00 LBS

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Reverse Acting Gate for the Type FLS Slab Gate Valve 

Need to buy a reverse acting gate for the type FLS slab gate valve? We have reverse acting gates and hundreds of other parts in stock and ready to ship. Heshka Oil was the first to bring online ordering to the oil and gas industry and we’ve perfected the process. By streamlining our operation we’re able to produce high quality replacement parts at extremely competitive prices. 

Find a reverse acting gate for the type FLS slab gate valves that’s an inexpensive Cameron alternative.

Reverse Acting Gate Product Information

Our reverse active gate is 100% compatible with Cameron style FLS gate valves. It acts as an actuator and can lift the valve stem to increase the pressure.


The reverse acting gate for the type FLS slab gate valve for sale on is made of 410 stainless steel and tungsten carbide hardfaced.

Material Class


Temperature Class

K, L, P, S, T, U


10 lbs

Sizes and Pressures

1-13/16” 10,000 PSI

1-13/16” 15,000 PSI

2-1/16” 5,000 PSI

2-1/16” 10,000 PSI

2-1/16” 15,000 PSI

3-1/8” 5,000 PSI

3-1/16” 10,000 PSI

3-1/16” 15,000 PSI

4-1/16” 5,000 PSI

4-1/16” 10,000 PSI

4-1/16” 15,000 PSI

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You don’t have to order in-person to know you’re getting high quality parts from Heshka Oil. As an API 6A manufacturer and supplier all of our parts are built to meet the industry’s highest standards. From complete FLS manual slab gate valves to o-rings every part we produce goes through a quality control management system to ensure perfect performance. 

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