Plunger for 1-1/2" through 5" Type H TWCV

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0.21 LBS

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Get OEM Equivalent Plungers for Type H Back Pressure Valves Online

At Heshka Oil you can count on quality, convenience and availability. You’ll find plungers for type H back pressure valves that are compatible with Cameron parts.  

Our plungers are designed to sit inside the valve body perfectly to seal against the internal sealing surface of the valve.

Plunger Sizes

This plunger fits all Cameron type H two way check valves that range from 1-½” to 5”.

Material Selection

We have plungers for type H back pressure valves for sale that are built to withstand the harshest environments. Select from a variety of materials:

  • 316 SST*

  • 17-4 PH SST*

  • Inconel 718

*Our 316 SST and 17-4 PH plungers are interchangeable in most applications.

OEM Equivalent Plungers

When you buy plungers for type H back pressure valves from Heshka Oil you’re getting Cameron quality without paying a premium price. Equivalent OEM Part Numbers are: 041630-01 (316 SST)

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In today’s market, oil and gas producers have to minimize operating costs wherever possible.

At Heshka Oil we help you achieve your goals with high quality aftermarket parts that can be ordered online. Your order is processed quickly and shipped directly to your site to minimize downtime and the related expenses.

Plungers are in stock and ready to ship!

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