VR Plug Running and Retrieval Tool, for 1-1/4" Hex

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2.00 LBS

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If you use VR plugs, then you need the Heshka Oil VR plug running tool. It makes installing and removing VR plugs much quicker and therefore less costly. If you need a VR plug running tool right away you’re in luck, because it’s one of the thousands of wellhead and tree servicing tools we have stocked and ready to ship. 

What’s better than parts that are ready to ship? Being able to order them online at HeshkaOil.com! You can buy VR plug running tools online in minutes without leaving the job site.  

VR Plug Running Tool Product Specifications

Whether you’re using a dry rod kit or lubricator, our VR plug running tool makes VR plug removal and installation much easier. We have a variety of sizes and configurations to guarantee you can safely and effectively maintain wellhead equipment. 


Heshka Oil VR running tools are made to fit all VR plug sizes that range from 1-13/16” to 4-1/16”. We also offer two hex sizes: The standard 1-1/4” and the less common 1-3/8” used more with FMC style plugs.

Connection Type

Our VR plug running tool has a 1-1/4" hex and it’s able to fit through a 1-13/16" bore and above.


All of our VR plug running tools are made of high-strength carbon steel. Standard material selection for these is usually 4140 with a 110K min yield. 

Build a Custom VR Plug Running Tool

Want a VR plug running tool in another material? Need one in another size specifically for your equipment? With Heshka Oil’s machining capabilities, custom orders are not a problem. 

Get a VR Plug Running Tool You Can Count On

The last thing you want when you order a piece of equipment is for it to fail on the job. Instead of helping you get work done, it just adds to the workload. At Heska Oil we use a quality control system to ensure that never happens when you order our parts. If it doesn’t work perfectly on our end we don’t ship it.

Every component we build is designed to be comparable with other OEM parts. We provide the same quality and reliability that you expect from the biggest name brands at some of the lowest prices in the market. 

Quality, Affordability and Convenience - That’s the Heshka Oil Way

Heshka Oil earns every customer’s business by providing quality, affordability and convenience. We established Heshka Oil to offer oil and gas companies something more. Something better than the way it had always been done. 

When you do business with Heshka Oil you are getting the best quality at the best price. Our streamlined manufacturing and shipping process makes us one of the most efficient suppliers in the industry, and we pass that savings on to you. 

Our customers enjoy being able to order parts online the moment they need them any time of day, but we also provide personalized service over the phone. Call the Heshka Oil team during business hours to get assistance locating a part, learn more about our equipment or place a custom order. 

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